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    Is the Wordpress Plugin down right now? Mar 18 2016 3:am Pacific Time

    Is the WordPress Plugin down right now? I have about 5 sites and none of them are returning any results for the store, post insert or search bar. Also there are no stats in the dashboard.

    I am using the Prosperent Suite WordPress Plugin Version and WordPress Version 4.4.2

    It is Mar 18 2016 3:am Pacific Time


    I am also getting this error when I go to my plugins admin screen:

    An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.


    I am also getting this error on admin screen:

    WP HTTP Error: Could not resolve host:
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    I am using the same version of the plugin you are using and I have not experienced any search, store or post insert issues with my site.

    Based on your error messages, it would appear their might be an issue with your hosting.

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    Store here is working fine. The error message sounds like the server cannot connect globally. is very much up and active, as well.

    I would contact your hosting company and see if there are any issues with the server your site is hosted on.

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    I like how you added a tab based menu above your Prosperent store. Interesting approach.

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    Thanks. Considering we cover so many subjects on our site, it was logical to break down the store into categories. I also have Editor's Choices at the end of every story, which also uses Prosperent links.

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    Hi i am very new to the prosperent please help me to set up prosperent plugin on my wordpress site.. I and my users are unable to see any ads on my site. I dont know maybe i couldnt install prosperent properly. Kindly help me with steps and screenshots to install again.

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