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Thread: Brand Api Limit

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    Brand Api Limit

    Inside prosperent community, I have seen a text file which covered around 10 million brands. Most of the brands do not have products either.
    Loading all 10 million make system slower. And searching a specific brand among 10 million brands also difficult.

    In addition prosperent has around 30000 brand lists. But prospernt make 3000 brands available for developers . Can you make all brands data available for the developers. Is it possible to show twotapsupported brands only.

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    You might be confusing brands and merchants. Two tap support is tied to a merchant, not a brand. You can filter for that in the product api.

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    yeah i understand what you are saying thanks. Is it possible to get all brand list from brand api end

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    not currently, there are a couple hundred thousand in total.

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