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Thread: Nothing showing

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    This should be resolved over now. I have been looking into it for several days and couldn't figure out the root cause. Server loads were all low, and nothing looked out of the ordinary. It turns out that someone was flooding a port on our load balanced with requests using an inflection ddos attack.

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    Looks good now. Search results on ProsperShop queries are yielding results quickly again!

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    I'll watch tomorrow as well so we can make sure this is resolved

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    Just to chime in.

    Our site has not had any issues with slow loading. images not loading or sites going down.

    However, we are on a VPS and not just regular shared hosting.

    So, it would appear to either be an intermittent issue or there may be a commonality with the affected sites. Such as template or plugins used.

    EDIT: I see that this appears to have been resolved.

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