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    Adsense Disabling/Filtering When Viewing Mature Products

    This question is directed at those that utilize Prosperent tools (e.g. Products API and ProsperShop) and Google Adsense.

    Is it possible to filter mature queries/products or disable Adsense on pages that show adult products?

    I received an Adsense warning this morning regarding adult products featured in the search of my WP ProsperShop. They essentially want me to not show Adsense ads when visitors view these pages. This warning is reasonable as this clearly falls within their publisher terms.

    Using the Prosperent WP plugin, I can filter out most merchants with these products, but some of the more general retailers will have a few of these products, thus I cannot completely fix this problem.

    Some of the larger comparison shopping sites (e.g. PriceGrabber) ask for an 18+ verification and do not display ads on these categories/products. Other larger comparison shopping sites (e.g. Nextag) redirect these keywords back to the homepage, so these products are not shown on their site.

    Does anyone have any experience in dealing with this issue? I found a thread in the Prosperent forums that briefly talked about this issue, but there was never a solution discussed.

    My temporary solutions has been to remove Adsense on my site until I can find a resolution.

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    Not sure might help you some.
    Let me know. I am looking into Prosperent Categories and what category code they might use to see if things like this could work!

    Might be of some help also.
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    If neither of those work I will be looking into something to assist with this.

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