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    New $0 commission from $1,149.19 sale (Overstock)?

    Hi, guys is this bug or really true? Commission date is 28th July 2016.

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    I've received several $0 commissions from Overstock, so it's not just you. However, on the same day (and the days following), I've received commission from Overstock, so it probably has to do with what the visitor bought.

    Some retailers have exclusions on what they will pay out for. Example, last year Best Buy wouldn't pay a commission for Apple products.

    Also, I believe retailers don't pay commission if the visitor uses a gift card. I know eBay sells discounted Overstock gift cards all the time, so that visitor might have had a lot of gift cards to use to make their purchase.

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    Is there a way to know which items is excluded from commissions? Thanks

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    What Robert said is correct. Unfortunately, the retailers don't make it easy to figure out what all is excluded if their feeds and on their sites.

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