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    404 Error For Product Details Page

    Hi, today I started again to build some extra websites that have been just sitting there with no activity. I get products to show in grid view but when trying to click through to show the products detail's page it come's up with 404 can not find page.

    I have tried everything I could to see if I could get things to work but still stuck with 404. I have made a video of what is going on and am posting it here. Please if there is anything I can do let me know. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

    Site's Affected:

    Site's not affected and do work are:

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    because you not include "productPHP.js" in your page?

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    Sorry I did not say I am using the WordPress Plugin "Prosperent Suite". It's should automatically include this. Thanks for your reply and attempted help Manto it's great to know someone has seen this and is trying to help out. You have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week!

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    yes, it should automatically included, but when i see your web source code i cant find it.

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    Yeah it is at least on the server and in the correct folders. See picture for details.
    Attached Images

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    it was happen to me bro, so i included the "productphp.js" file manually on my wordpress blog, and then my blog work fine, the file will automatically included if you use default template, but if you use your own custom template you have to add it manually.

    but it's up to you want believe it or not, I just tell you what i know. if i were you i will try to include that file manually and see how it goes.

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    Old story but if I now remember correctly with Prosperent insert you can only use the "Go To Product" page if using list view not grid view. Site works other wise. Do a search than click a product and it will take you too the product page on the site or I am now selecting "Go To Merchant" instead so the clicks will now lead to the merchants product page.

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    K, it has been fixed. I found the issue. And I messed up the versioning, so we are skipping 4.5.3, we are now at 4.5.4.

    Let me know if that fixed the issue.

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    No and yeah, it now goes to a search result page but nothing shown.
    Here is video of what is happening:

    Thanks again for your help!

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    It's fixed. Somehow the prospershop was changed to prosperInsert and the products search and product details would not work until I seen a minute ago that it was that way and changed the page to contain the prospershop short code. Now all is fine! Thanks alot for the fix, it will be great now to see the site working more easily and no 404's!

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