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    Let me know if you can be bothered in the future

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    Hey Brian I have noticed for awhile that I don't get any images on my search pages.images are coming from but nothing is showing up.The pages look more engaging with the images. is there a copyright thing here mabe that images don't show.I am using the Search Script version 2 that i have personilized to fit my site and have been using it for quite awhile.At one time the images worked fine.
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    Most likely the images are looking for the 500x500, which do not work currently. I'd do a search of the script and look for any instances of 500x500 and change it to 250x250.

    Then everything should work as intended.

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    You were correct Brandon.images are all working now "Fantastic". Thanks so much

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    Not a problem. I just updated Get Links recently because of that same issue.

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    hello guys! i am newbly joined here

    White Agate Slabs

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    Same here, new member here as well.

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