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    Way to Redirect Non-Paying Merchants to Merchants That Pay?

    I know others in the forums have mentioned a few examples of merchants paying $0 in commission and I have even given some possible explanations as to why, but some merchants (in my opinion) are becoming problematic to my earnings potential. My example is Overstock.

    Their products appear way too high in search (ProsperShop) results when they fail to payout commissions, as of late.

    My last commission from them was on July 11th. Since then, I have referred over $4,000 in sales to them and have received a whopping $0.

    I may have spotted the issue after checking out their merchant profile on Viglink and Skimlinks. It appears they are now using a CPC payout model as opposed to a CPA model. Is this true?

    If it is, is it possible to change the Prosperent algorithm to lower their (Overstock) products in search results? Or, will clicks ever get paid anything?

    Final Question:

    Would it be possible to redirect poorly paying merchants to other websites (e.g. Jet or eBay) using the products' own search term?

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    Might also answer why my clicks are going up, while getting near zilch in sales.

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    Overstock still pays per sale. We actually have an "optimize" page we are testing that rerouts low paying merchants to higher paying offers. In the test phase now.

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