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    All links in website and backend redirects to Prosperent Site

    Hello Prosperent Team
    I installed your Prosperent Suite on my wordpress site and its great but i am facing a problem related to links as all ordinary links on my website and backend redirects to prosperent site when open at same window.

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    Could you provide a URL where this is happening so that we can investigate it.

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    Thank you for your reply but this problem is resolved automatically when i make my website live on server.
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    "redirected :"

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    Lot of stores... Please check it. redirected :
    What are you asking?

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    In some merchants affiliate link the page is not redirecting at all and thus BLOCK the user from getting to the targer website.
    For example:

    In the browser I see:
    redirected :

    And no redirection is performed.

    Is this a bug?
    What might be the problem?
    Help please.

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    Tiger Direct doesn't appear to be one of Prosperent's merchants anymore. That would explain why it doesn't redirect properly.

    Plus, the prosperent link you posted doesn't exist (i.e. you didn't provide the full link).

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