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    Try out the new VigLink product search api

    The beta release of our new product search api has launched over at VigLink. While we have around 30 million products in the Prosperent product api, the beta VigLink product search has upwards of 630 million.

    Categories are normalized across all products, and the facets for brand, category, merchant also return nested results. For example you can get back a facet with merchants, and the brands under each merchant. Categories are 3 levels deep, and nested so you can build a true nested menu.

    Check it out and let us know what you think: https://viglink-developer-center.rea...product-search

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    Sounds good, gonna create viglink account

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    Prosperent has "filterTwoTapSupported=1" for showing items supported by, will VigLink product search have this?

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    We haven't seen much adoption here at prosperent for that feature, so it is unlikely anytime soon.

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    I have created simple site with this new API I am surprised by number of products you serve.

    What data do you plan to add to the API response? Do you plan to include some Identifier of product like Prosperent does? Or sale price, product description, ...

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    Do we need to create a new viglink account?

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    Do we need to create a new viglink account?
    If you only have a Prosperent account, you will need to sign up with Viglink at to access this API.

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    How far away is Prosperent from implementing the Viglink API into their Prosperent plugin? I would welcome an additional 500+ million products to my ProsperShop search results!

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    Anyone getting traffic for the VigLink product search api traffic yet ? in the last 3 days , I been forwarding traffic to Viglink using Viglink product search api URL but getting no click for traffic in the dashboard . Already email Viglink for the problem but no reply yet .
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