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    Here's an update. I decided that I was going to integrate the Prosperent API today and simply hide any merchants that seem to be getting redirected. On my first API call, I went through each link, and EVERY ONE was redirected. Four different merchants, all redirected:

    JCPenney (id= 128976)
    Boscov's (id= 123919)
    Bass Pro Shops (id= 123716)
    Walmart US (id= 127072)

    If I were to manually find every merchant I wanted to exclude, I'd be wasting a lot of time. If I can't get a response or a fix on this, I'll have to give up on Prosperent and find a different advertising solution.

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    I have been noticing this a lot over the last several weeks myself.

    A lot of times, products that are beauty related and are more brand and link specific (e.g. Bobbi Brown, LORAC, NARS products that are supposed to be going to those company's site links) are being redirected to a generic Walgreen Beauty page, that does not have the direct link to the product being clicked upon.

    This is something that I only noticed fairly recently and I do not recall it happening before. Probably one reason sales have been so bad over the last several months.

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    So make sure you are passing both the location and the referrer to the api calls. When these are missing, even if the site is reviewed, the status comes back as unknown.

    Also, if in the excluded merchants table you see Unknown for the site type, that means that the site has not been approved yet. So you are actually blocked from the majority of the networks at that time. And then once your site has been reviewed, it takes about a day for the cache to clear on the sites status.

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