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    Invalid Clicks from ProsperInsert

    I've been getting loads of invalid clicks from ProsperInsert. Most are probably bots but I wonder if I'm missing some real customers. Any ideas why?

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    Check the links that are marked invalid manually. See if they are invalid or if there is any complications when clicked. I also have a few and I can usually resolve them by checking them out to make sure there are configured correctly. I have one that has been around for over a year now and can't find where it is coming from to fix it. So the way I'd say to check is to use the dashboard invalid links menu. See where the links are located click on them to see what happens. Some thing get mixed up when doing posts at times and need to be re-linked with good affiliate links that are freshly created. So if these links that have been mark as being invalid just try replacing or re-inserting them to see if it helps then test them to make sure they work right. I once had Prosperent Suite mess up and a few links would not configure right with auto linking turned on. I turn off auto linking in posts and the links worked fine and did not show up in the invalid marked section of the Prosperent Dashboard. So if that is the case and is what is happening you can ask for help again with a more direct situation and get better help that is if you can't fix it yourself. Let me know I might be able to help you out.

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    Im getting many invalid clicks too, mine are like so...:

    Nov 17, 2016 08:56:15 PM 1's+Short+Sleeve+ Pullover&m=124147&b=The+Kooples&location=http%3A%2 ce=prospershop

    If I test it in a browser it fails but if I strip off:


    It works.

    How can I strip this off my links so they are not invalid?!

    Help please.

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    I didn't notice that. Mine works with "&interface=wp&subinterface=prospershop" stripped off also. Prosperent people, is this a problem with the plugin?

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    That wouldn't be hurting anything, all clicks with those parameters are working through the test site. The plugin could use an update but it is working correctly.

    So most of those invalid clicks are going to be coming from merchants who you are not approved for. If you look under the link for invalid clicks you should see a link for Excluded Merchants on the side, that will help you keep up with which merchants aren't available yet for you.

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    That makes sense.

    Any timetable for when the plugin might be updated?

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    No real timetable for that unfortunately. I've been fixing bugs every now and then, but no large update. I have some work done for it that I've been doing in my spare time, but its not close.

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    Thanks for the update.

    If I can ever get time for it, I am going to see if i set the plugin to use the Post Custom Field to either show a Related Products Amazon-like stripe under the post or use it for an autogenerated sldieshow.

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    I also have many invalid clicks, and none of them are associated with Excluded Merchants.
    By the way, among the Excluded Merchants in my Prosperent dashboard I see 4 merchants that are not on my site. But nevertheless, it says that my site is excluded for them. How could it be?

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