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    Looking for the Coupon API for Wordpress.

    I am new at this and have a premium press website. I am looking for the coupon api, where I can update merchant lists and import new coupons daily. Please advice, and thanks for your help.


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    Prosperent no longer has a coupon API as it is difficult to make money solely being a coupon site (a nice marketing budget will help). Most coupon API's you will find aren't that useful anyways as most of the coupons just say "up to _% off". You really have to partner directly with each individual merchant to request exclusive coupon offers to standout.

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    Hi. Check out Couplia and also FMTC.

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    Coupilia is probably your best bet for coupons right now. We partnered with FMTC for our old coupon api, and never saw good results.

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