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    Click API url not redirecting - BLOCKING site visitors

    In some merchants affiliate link the page is not redirecting at all and thus BLOCK the user from getting to the targer website.
    For example:

    In the browser I see:
    redirected :

    And no redirection is performed.

    Is this a bug?
    What might be the problem?
    Help please.

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    i get similar problem too. how to fix it??

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    I also face same problem.......

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    Tiger Direct doesn't appear to be one of Prosperent's merchants anymore. That would explain why it doesn't redirect properly.

    Plus, the prosperent link you posted doesn't exist (i.e. you didn't provide the full link).

    Also, coupony and buy2usa you don't have to ask the same question in multiple forum threads. Plus, you probably should only have one account if you are one person.

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