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    Unstable response

    following is a request end without api key
    filterTwoTapSupported=1&filterMerchant=Backcountry &page=1&limit=200&sortBy=percentOff%20desc

    Econnreset and etimeout this two thing giving me horrible experience with prosperent api. In top mentioned filter have data , but unfortunately, the api some times return data and some times it do not. When search query is bigger having large number of filter, i found some times it return Econnreset and etimeout. and another case it give me json data having all fields empty(see attached empty.jpg). Though this filter have data.I am sure because, i tried with another time it's working. p Lease help us
    I have tried with request, request-promise, blue bird and http module in node js ...
    so i am strongly looking for solution for this ... system might have
    in few occasion following also had problem
    filterTwoTapSupported=1&filterCatalogId=d318baf55c b58385471a8028447ab4a2

    So i think there is issue with request response time ... or request limit ...
    If my code is wrong i will never get data ... but it often randomly.

    if for single user this is the case for 100 user it could be horrible experience
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