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    entire merchant list for checking deep linking

    The deep linking feature is fantastic.

    I need to be able to get all the information stored in the merchant endpoint.

    It has a limit of 10000, but for some reason it will only give me pages 1 and 2, when I try to run page 3 it gives no result. All I am changing is the page number. Pages 1 and 2 give me up through names beginning with L (I'm sorting by merchant).

    I'd like to store certain info in a table for all merchants to avoid having to run the query very often. I know we can search on the merchants page but it would serve my purposes better to store them all in a place to query on occasion. But, I have to be able to get them all to do that..

    A side note: when I tried page 2, it still ran the page 1, even though it was in a different tab --- don't know if that is a CloudFlare issue or a Chrome issue. I had to re-run it to get page 2.

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    Just tried and I was able to go through all 4 pages. Have you tried a lower limit? Like 5000, could you post the API URL that you are using.


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    Sorry I thought I replied here already. It is working for me now. Not sure why it didn't the other day. Thanks.

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