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    Product API future

    From my research Prosperent has one of the very last free product APIs for aggregating many merchants, that is comprehensive and any good...

    I assume the decline of such offerings is due to Amazon and the slowness of online retailers to fight back with creativity, combined with the upswing of blogging. But, as has been pointed out there are unlimited ways for affiliate marketers to compete via niche sites, creative offerings, etc..

    I have a fear that this API is going to go away for those that want to use it in a more comprehensive way. The great thing about Prosperent has been its flexibility in allowing their users that ability to be creative with the many options offered.

    With the recent announcement of a merger, I fear this is all further threatened now. Or, that the 'free' feature will go away. I think the emergence of mobile and the inevitable upswing in LOCAL opportunities is a tremendously untapped resource, that can and will be interwoven with online offerings, creating many future opportunities for everyone - including sites that would greatly benefit from your aggregation API. Walmart and other major chains moving toward Order-Pickup is a strong signal to me of what it going to be a long term trend of merging local and online. This, from my perspective will create a resurgence of opportunity for affiliate marketers.

    Bottom line; Can anyone at Prosperent address the likelihood of the product API remaining and being well-maintained over the next year or two?


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    There are no plans for the API or anything else here going away anytime in the foreseeable future. At the same time, we have some amazing work taking place with our team over on the VigLink side. The product api we have built over there now has over 600 million products in it. We have a datascience team working on categorization, and phrase centrality. Phrase centrality allows us to identify the central phrase of a product, ignoring noisy words in the title like free shipping, and improving search quality. We have a merchant team securing the very best rates for each merchant, and tens of millions of the products in the system are now pay per click. In the coming months you can expect to see our wordpress plugin ported over, vbulletin, xenforo, etc. We're taking what we learned here, applying some serious resources to it, and improving upon it in every conceivable way.

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    That sounds pretty exciting Brian. I hope wanna bes like me will be able to use that API when it is ready. 600 million? Outstanding.
    Stripping out the noisy words is exactly what I ended up doing for another similar kind of categorization I once did. Pretty successful.

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    This sounds like great news! if all goes well for me here i might just be able to drop all the rest of the networks i work with and work strictly with Prosperent. I'm kind of jumping up and down at the moment.

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