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    WordPress Plugin Questions/Issues

    Hello Everyone

    I recently, just today actually, registered for Prosperent and installed the plugin at my Wordpress blog and I have a few questions...

    Once activated I don't see anywhere to input the API keys so I'm assuming that the plugin does that automatically?

    Once installed will the plugin associate links in old posts or just new posts from the install date forward.

    I added a link to a WP 'page' with just a link to the main Kohl's website and when viewing that page it appears that no affiliate links are being inserted?

    I also turned on the store to see what it looked like but any click goes to a Prosperent error page "
    Wait... what?

    Sorry, an error occurred.

    We are looking into what happened, you may try and refresh this page…
    ...really intrigued by your service and hoping I can get it up and running properly

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    You do not have to add your API key, just make sure your account is properly connected. If you go to the Prosperent settings page (in WordPress), there should be a link that asks you to connect your Prosperent account. If it's already connected there should be a button that says "Disconnect from Prosperent".

    For links to affiliate make sure your settings have ProsperLinks enabled (you can also find this in your Prosperent settings tab). This will take care of affiliating every link it can throughout your entire site (new and old posts).

    I also turned on the store to see what it looked like but any click goes to a Prosperent error page
    If your Prosperent account is properly setup (see above), then this error could be a number of issues including the product is no longer available on the merchants site, you live in a country that this merchant has blocked or Prosperent has not reviewed your website (although usually links will still go through prior to their review).

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