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    legality of celebrity product photos

    If the product feed has a photo of a celebrity - say a Denzel Washington photograph for sale, can that product be used as a photo to plug ALL of the products for sale having to do with Denzel Washington, or is that a big no-no? I don't want to get sued..but it would be great to be able to list celebrity names along with their pictures..

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    This is a tough one. We used to offer a celebrity api endpoint back a few years ago. What we found is there is no real clear answer. It really depends on the licensing for the particular image, and further comes down to the celebrity. Celebs treat their name and image as their brand, so anything they are unhappy about being associated with could cause issues, and using their likeness to sell something they aren't getting a cut of could be problematic. I know it isn't a clear answer, and it's likely you will be fine, but I don't want to give legal advice

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    Thank you Brian. I appreciate your thoughts. I've decided to play it safe - having read there are bots crawling millions of pages- even low traffic ones
    I assume - looking for images that don't have codes. Then they can take legal action when they find one. I've replaced images with legal royalty-free stuff that isn't as compelling, and just celeb names to click on. Less compelling but safer and I can sleep better for it.

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    Agreed. Especially when it comes to images that are the property of Corbis or Getty. They WILL come after you, if they see you using any of their images without paying any royalties.
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