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    Website Still Not Reviewed by Pros? Why?

    I am trying to make prosper links but none of them are working please review my website so that I can start earning.

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    It has been reviewed, but coupon sites are excluded from most networks now.

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    My website is not coupon website. Still some of merchants are redirecting to viglink!?

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    I am getting the same thing. When someone is clicking on a product link within a story, about 20% of the time, they are being redirected a VigLink that shows some big corporate links/logos.

    Very annoying, as that is a good way to chase people away, IMO.

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    BeautyNewsNYC you only use the plugin right? Or are there any links that you've posted yourself?

    affi, same question.

    If not, post a link of yours here and I will look at it and tell you why that is happening. If its plugin related I will look into it.

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    Seems likely that it is links to merchants you guys are not approved for, or that are no longer accepting traffic. The clicks that go to VigLink shopping will actually earn you revenue. We are tracking those clicks now, and should have the revenue loop closed shortly to start displaying those earnings in your dashboard. (before the next payments go out.)

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    And also make sure the location param in the URLs is set correctly. If not or if it is it will go there also even if your site is approved for the merchant. But like Brian ssaid you will be earning revenue from there also.

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    Brandon, my website is still not reviewed by prosperent many merchants are showing "Profile Type: Unknown sites must be reviewed"

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