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    Payments sent 5/1/17

    Publisher payments have been sent.

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    Hi Brian,

    Hope you are doing great.
    Because of payment rejected in payoneer. My payment of february 2017 send by prosperent to payoneer of $1,584.75 has been returned to prosperent as per saying of payoneer so kindly send that payment again. I have changed the method to paypal which will not be rejected again.

    Waiting for your reply.

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    Why I am not getting a reply . Please tell me whether payoneer returned the amount to you or not?

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    please check into my payment issue as well. Also im trying to login to prosperent but it keeps staying at the login page and not able to log in

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    Are payment locked so far for this month? Thanks.

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    The are locking today. They always lock around the 25th. Commission junction doesn't send a locked file to us until the 22nd to 25th of each month.

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    pls reply to my ticket regarding my payment issue last month. What is happening ? Its been weeks, no one seems to reply anymore.

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    Are the payments locked this month. Because it is already 27th and do not see that my payment is locked.

    Is anyone's else's payment locked?
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    Is anyone's else's payment locked?

    I would guess they would be locked within the next few days.

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