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    Failed Update Payment Using Paypal

    I have entered paymen info using paypal. but the system refuse it
    Please help how to solve it?
    Thank you...

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    Te first and last name have to match exactly what paypal has on file in their system. Sometimes you may need to swap the first and last name as well.

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    The payPayl info and name is already in use on another account. You should only have one account.

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    Thanks for Your Reply.
    I assure myself that I only have one account in prosperent. So please, can you check my payment profile. So I can continue affiliation with prosperent. thank you
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I've tried what you suggest. But still rejected by the system. So please check my account so I can continue affiliation with prosperent. thank you

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    Your other account is using the same payment info. YOu can only have one account.

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    Thanks. but i only have one account in prosperent....please help me.....

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