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    Payment Method got Switched

    hi could you pls check on my account, somehow my payment method has been switched to payoneer by itself, i have received the email from payonner and its asking my to click to confirm to receive my payment, i would like to be paid via paypal instead, can i switch it on my prosperent settings or its something u have to do on ur end ? I have contacted support with the same problem and i got no reply, this is why im posting it here. Thanks

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    Just change it in your prosperent settings and you'll be good. You might want to change your password as that's not really something that just happens.

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    hi i have selected back to paypal but i dont see myself being paid on paypal, i can see paypal selected on the payment settings. What should i do next ?

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    Can someone from prosperent help me out here? I have even contacted support on dashboard with no reply. The money is still with payoneer and its
    asking me to accept on email, i just wan to be paid via paypal. Please help me sort this out. Thanks

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    Hi Brandon, pls see my support ticket, payonner has returned the payment, kindly have the funds transferred to my paypal.

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    Once Prosperent sent the money through to your payment method of choice (especially Payoneer) then that's it. Out of their hands. So when Payoneer asked you to confirm the money so they can allocate to your account, it was already in their bank paid by Prosperent. Have you been with Payoneer before and then switched back to PayPal? It sounds strange that it would switch by itself and somehow automatically create an account with Payoneer to which the guys can pay to you.

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    im not sure how it got switched automatically, but i did get a new payoneer card and i activated it. I spoke to brandon and he told me to get
    the funds return and he will re route it to paypal, now i have got payoneer to return the funds and i contacted brandon a few times and he did not respond, so im posting it here with the hope that he will see this.

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    Payment Not Loaded


    Brandon my payoneer card is blocked reason is expire payoneer card they issue me new card with new active account i want to inform you that let me change my account or transfer my payment on my new account

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