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Thread: broken links

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    broken links


    I get a lot of "broken" links
    from the products API

    for example, I tried to search the query:
    "Women's Jeans | Boyfriend, Ripped & Skinny Jeans | ASOS"
    with this API call:

    And when I click on the first affilate link:
    I getting this:

    On the second affilate link:
    I getting this:
    "Uh oh... We're very sorry...
    We are not able to find the page you requested..."

    On the third affilate link:
    I getting this error:
    "Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher - Advertiser Partnership Status"

    This errors occuers for me on a lot of searchs...



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    Looks like a merchant status api from one of the networks we work with may be returning bad data. We will check it out.

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    Hi Brian,
    Did you fix that?
    It still return bad URLs

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    im trying too and all of them are giving me errors the same way

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    also is itunes working?

    it shows available but no products

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maffapps View Post
    also is itunes working?

    it shows available but no products
    They don't have physical products, only deep linking, which means whatever you promote on your site, can be assigned an automatic referral URL through Prosperent so you can earn $ on any iTunes sales that originates from your review on the new Britney Spears album available on iTunes...

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