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    totalRecordsAvailable v totalRecordsFound


    Can you explain how this works please?

    [page] => 1
    [limit] => 18
    [totalRecords] => 18
    [totalRecordsAvailable] => 100
    [totalRecordsFound] => 7300

    It tells me that there are 7300 found but my pagination stops at 100 regardless.

    What am I doing wrong?



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    This has always been the case. It's a search engine, so you can't ever see all of the records. Take google for example, you search for shoes and you get a billion results, but you can only see the first 1,000. A search engine has to compute the result set in fixed memory, so it is computationally impossible to calculate, rank, and return the full result set. If we raise the limit to 10K results for example, it take 20 seconds to return the response from a query.

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    So 100 is always the limit? I'm sure it used to be more than that.

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