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    Links redirecting to VigLink

    Hello there,
    I have developed an app in which i'm using links functionality and redirecting user to merchant's sites using prosperent. Website of my app is already reviewed. Still some links reroute to VigLink.

    Below is the url which i'm using for the redirection

    Is there anything else which i need to do?

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    What happens when redirected to viglink? Do we earn commissions?

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    Yes, the clicks sent to VigLink earn commission for programs that Prosperent does not have access to.

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    It's really great. Thanks for the reply.

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    I have noticed that the redirect is to a Viglink page that is basically a placeholder. And in some cases, is not desirable or was originally marked as a Prosperent link.

    Originally, this was because I had the Viglink redirect header code installed. Though, even after that was removed and Viglink removed redirects on their end, I see that it will still randomly redirect to the Viglink placeholder page, even when just plopping in a random product link. Which, to my knowledge, should not happen.

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    Redirection to VigLink is also quite annoying since after selecting a product in the Prosperent store plugin, the redirect goes to a placeholder page, and after selecting the store to go to, ends up on the store's homepage.
    This in turn requires the user to once again search for the product all over again.

    Not exactly a user friendly approach? Is VigLink having any plans to create their own store plugin, which would then make it a lot easier to implement?

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    I have noticed today that when I click to go to a store for many products that were ok last week it now goes to a completely unrelated store and product! What is happening as this is very very bad for me? Thanks.

    I have noticed it is on ALL products. It goes to a completely different store and has made my app useless! What is going on Brian?
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