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    Very urgent please reply


    I have spent a good few months writing an app, which was about to be released on the app store but today Prosperent is completely broken.

    I select a product and click to go to the Store. This can be any product. It now goes to a completely different store or page and a completely unrelated product!

    This has completely broken my app and rendered it useless.

    Please can someone from Prosperent respond to this asap?

    Thank you.


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    Further to this here is an example of a product from the results set of a query to Prosperent.

    [keyword] => Michael Kors Bedford Leather Tote Shoulder Handbag Purse - Luggage (Brown)
    [merchant] => Curacao

    but when you go to the store you get:

    Product: Tony Lama Men's Shrunken Shoulder Stockman Western Boots
    Merchant: Cabalas

    This really needs fixing guys.

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    Any joy Brian? It is still completely broken and going to sites I have never seen before.

    A Fendi Rose Gold Watch from goes to a website called AvantLink.
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    Hi Brian,

    Am I to read your silence as meaning there is a problem?

    I really need this sorting and could do with some speedy support.

    I looked at moving to VigLink today but to be honest their API is lacking many of the Prosperent capabilities that I made a lot of use of within my App.

    Is there a way we can communicate other than here?

    I would be most grateful.


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    Any update? Everything still goes to a generic Vigilink page.

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    Please Help!


    It has been a number of days now since Prosperent was working.

    Am I to assume it is dead in the water?

    Can someone please reply?



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    Sorry, I answer more questions on the Intercom, the chat in the user section. Though we get a lot daily so its hard to keep up.

    There is a report in your backend that will show you your website/apps status.

    If you see Unknown next to your site, then it has not bee reviewed. Thus your links not going where they should.

    What is your app, does it have a site url that you can use as your location param? I'll add it and review it.

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    It is an app not a website. Everything worked ok until 5 days ago then all of a sudden things went wrong.

    I have one live website also using the same apikey, which I use purely for testing and it died also at the same time, hence why I assumed there was a different problem.

    I will pm you Brandon with the web address associated with my app for marketing purposes. I will also give you the sid's I use for the app.

    I have now added the &location= to my requests as it wasn't there before. I will do some click throughs now so hopefully you can see them.

    Finally, I have a VigLink account so is there a better way to get quick support?

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    How do things look now that you are passing the location parameter? We tested on several other publishers sites and don't see any issues, so it's likely that the location parameter was missing, and the url provided isn't reviewed yet.

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