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    Hi Brian. Still the same. How long for you guys to review?

    I will send you a copy of the PM I sent Brandon.


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    K, I have added that site to your network profile. SO those links should work now, or very soon.

    For everyone's information, check here to see what sites of yours have been reviewed

    In the right top most box it will list the sites that we have for you and that have been reviewed.
    If you don't see a site there, use the box below to add the site, and then we can review it for you.

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    Hi Brandon. Thank you but at the moment it is still not working.

    I have double checked the affiliate URL you send back with my requests and when I click to go to a merchant the URL looks good. &location has my domain, &m equals the correct merchantId, &b has the correct brand name and &p contains the correct catalogId but it still goes to the wrong sites.

    I am using clickMaskDomain as I go via a sub domain so I tried removing that and still the same.

    How long should it take to start working?



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