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    total # merchants and products

    I am getting about 1400 merchants having products and about 20 million products based on the numbers in the merchant endpoint. Is that approx accurate?

    I thought I read here a while back that the number had dramatically expanded to over 100 million products.

    Was that with the merger - counting both companies?

    I would love to have access to 100 million products via the product API as 100m would be far better than 20 million due to the enhanced shopping comparison possibilities, and I have some new plans for marketing to leverage such a large offering.

    Was I just imagining seeing something here about 100 million products?

    Related - I am worried the API might go away or be restricted once the merger is complete. Will current API users be able to continue then? This forum has become very quiet. I'm worried that any additional coding on my part may be end up having been wasted.
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