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    Price Comparison devalued in algorithm?

    It seems like the number of groupCount >1 for productId is almost always very low on the first page for all kinds of searches. I thought there used to be a LOT of same-product IDs returned among the first results.

    Am I mis-remembering or is there something else that would account for the drop in same-products showing up? I was thinking of doing some product comparisons but now there seems to be too little for it to be worth setting up.

    Thoughts as to what may have changed, if anything?

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    Identifying the same product across multiple merchants was never something that worked very well since most merchants don't seem to provide UPC's. This is something our datascience team at VigLink is tackling.

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    Ok, thanks Brian.

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    Brian, I was looking closer at the product comparison issue. It appears to me that there is a major problem with no solution: Products having the same EAN, UPC
    or ISBN often are the same product but different sizes. Kohls for example has the same EAN code for 4 different sizes of the same rug, and another merchant will have the same EAN but not even show which size the rug is! When they sometimes do it is in a field that nobody else uses the same way. UnbeatableSale does the same thing as Kohls - same product - multiple sizes, wide price differences, same EAN. It's impossible to compare prices with that kind of data. I can't show a "lowest price" on a rug described as 5x7 by someone else having the same EAN that in reality is only 2x3!

    I can't believe after 20 years the networks haven't figured out that people LOVE to compare prices but it is impossible to do.

    No wonder Amazon has taken a huge lead. I don't think I'm missing anything but would love for you to tell me I am.
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