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    clicks api and dashboard number issue

    First, I've been testing the deep links and it looks like the dashboard only reflects one deep link click per day. On Friday I tested 8 deep links using the affiliator link format. All but one went to the right place but only one click showed (it was the first one I did) on the dashboard. I rechecked several hours later and none of the others showed up. Interesting, I made a small purchase with one and that shows up in the dashboard but the click didn't increment for it.

    Same thing today - I tested 2 deep links apart in time. The first showed as a click fairly soon afterward. The second has not showed some 3 hours later.

    The second issue is the clicks API. It appears that it should work by just hitting the submit key at the bottom of the documentation page since the only required field is the secret key which it has when I'm logged in. Despite having 2 clicks on my dashboard it gives no results. I tried putting in the appropriate dates and date range also and it still gave no results.
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    We filter clicks based on ip, so we count unique daily clicks in the dashboard. Otherwise bots skew the results significantly (as does someone clicking a single link over and over). All of the links are still affiliated, and earnings are properly attributed, we just limit the frequency of recording the clicks in the dashboard itself.

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    That completely makes sense - thanks!

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