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    Links issue and Wrong Affiliate Link

    Dear Sir,
    Please check my website where you can check that when click on affiliate link it goes to viglink page for further proceedings, whereas some merchants affiliate links give message that "no relationship with merchant".

    Please check the following links:

    Kindly solve the issue as early as possible.


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    support seems to dead.

    i think, some merchant don't allow coupon publishers, so it redirect to viglink

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    Yes. There are a number of merchants that will not work with coupon sites thru companies like Prosperent and Viglink. You can always try partnering directly with the merchant as some prefer it this way so your website can be properly vetted.

    Too many coupon sites abused the trademark bidding rules in the past, so merchants are cracking down on coupon sites.

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    Is MJy Website Reviewed? Please confirm and let me know if links are working correctly, enabling me to promote my website.

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    It is, you can always check by going here:

    If it says Unknown next to your site on any exclusions you know that you haven't been reviewed.

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    Dear Prosperent Brandon,
    Please note that I have checked my site and the following links still redirect to viglink:

    It means that my site is not yet reviewed fully, so I request you to Review My Site, enabling me to start promoting my site.

    Hope to have your kind and quick response.

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    No, you are just trying to promote merchants that we do not have at prosperent. So we send the user to VigLink Shopping to try and earn you a commission through another merchant.

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