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    Question Dashboard Issue. Payment.


    I would like to inquire if there is an issue with the dashboard as my commission for the last week is missing. Also, when is Prosperent going to send us the payment of this month?

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    Payments were sent out last week.

    I did message Brandon a few days ago about dashboard reporting issues, so they should be investing. From what I am seeing, the issue started 9/9.

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    Payments to payoneer didn't arrive uptill now. Dashboard showing the date of oct 10th to release the payment. Please assist me in this case.

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    Same here. Still waiting for the payoneer payout.

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    Correction, I got the payment on even Payoneer at 09152017, Thank you Prosperent . But when the dashboard issue will resolve as no sales are updating

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    You were lucky. There seems to be some issues. I got the payments yesterday. But are you people see updates to your earning since 09/09. Mine seems to be stuck at 09/08

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    My apologies, the admin dashboard has been updating, so I didn't notice the issue with the publisher dashboard. We had a server down in the cluster that didn't get removed from the pool, so the python script that updates the dashboard failed to run. I'm processing the data now, so it should be good in the next few minutes. It does look like linkshare is having problems with their reporting api, so some commissions appear to be delayed. As soon as their api stops misbehaving, the rest of those commissions should flow through no problem.

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    Data is starting to populate in the dashboard. Thanks for fixing!

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    Dont apologize brian. No problem if some delay.

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