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    The data import seems to be stuck again at 09/13. Brian can you please confirm if you have imported all the data and the dashboard is up to date.

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    Everything is up to date. Linkshare has reporting api issues that started on the 14th. If most of your revenue is from their merchants, it lines up with what we are seeing. As soon as their api starts working again the data will import.

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    Hi Brian,

    I didnt received my 1st payment since march as I have waited for 6 months. so please give me that amount I really need that amount urgently. I didnt disturbed you from 6 months so some kindness and please work on it . I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

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    It doesn't appear the Publisher dashboard data has been updated since October 20. Clicks are showing, but data isn't showing Prosperent's Top Merchants and Prosperent's Top Products. Plus, earnings aren't being reported even though lifetime revenue is showing increases.

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    earnings not reported

    Earnings are not reported from october 20?

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    Data Import again seems to have not been done since 15th of this month. Whats happening. It happened last month, its happening again this month.

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