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    Site Profile unknown and Review My Website

    Dear Prosperent Brian,

    Have a Nice day. I hope you all is well.

    In my dashboard there are 20 excluded merchants. The reason is Profile Type: Unknown. Please Resolve this issue why my profile showing unknown and also please Review my Website Asap. see Below My Site.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Dear Prosperent Brian,

    why??? not response from your side??

    please help me.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Did you fill out the information in the Network profile settings?

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    It really won't matter much anyways since your site is a coupon site and many merchants will not work with coupon sites. You have to partner with them directly.

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    Your site was reviewed on the 28th.

    There are some merchants that don't accept coupon sites, but they have been better about letting coupon sites into their programs through us. Just make sure no to bid on any merchant or brand terms as that is against our Terms of Service and can result in reversed commissions.

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