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    Abusing Location Params

    Many coupon sites are abusing the Location parameter in the affiliate URLs.

    I am not giving warnings, if you do this, your account will be blocked.

    CJ has blocked all coupon sites, and RAN is close to doing the same.

    Your location parameter NEEDS to be the domain of the site sending the request.

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    Hello brandon when you payout commissions?

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    It takes 60-90 days for the commission to lock but please post a new thread

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    All sites are blocked from CJ currently. We were requested by them to do so and create a whitelist of sites, so those with link tracking issues, this is why.

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    Approval request for Amazon , Ebay & Walmart campaigns

    Hi ,

    We need approval for our site to run campaigns for , Ebay & Walmart.
    Our site :

    Please guide on how to go about it.


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    Prosperent does not have active relationships with Amazon or ebay. I suggest opening up a VigLink account in order to promote those retailers.

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    When will you release the payment ...

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