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Thread: Link Issue

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    Link Issue

    Hello Prosperent Team
    My prosperent link is not showing any tracking id only website link is open please help me.
    Thanks and Regards

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    I tested a link from 1800-Baskets on your website and the link appeared to work.

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    Your site probably needed to be reviewed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brandon View Post
    Your site probably needed to be reviewed.
    sir please review my site thanks

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    Sir I checked but not any tracking id is open with only original url open.

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    how i can check my link is working or not ,,because on another hand i send about 200+clicks from social ,,but on my dashboard there is no a single click recorded

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    Let me check your site, but if you go here if it says unknown next to your site, then your site hasn't been reviewed. If there is nothing there, go to and add your site so it can be reviewed.

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