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    The entire viglink product catalog is updated daily and contains close to a billion products (versus the 30 million or so here)

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    Hey Brian, can you confirm that the Prosperent API isn't currently being updated regularly? Thanks

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    I never made a VigLink account after they acquired Prosperent. I just created one and took a quick look. At first glance, their API looks pretty good. I'll check them out. I suppose it doesn't make any difference to you, Brian, which we use at this point, VigLink or Prosp

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    I'll say this, VigLink's API has a TON of very fitting products for the queries coming in on my sites. I'm just testing right now, but the matching and speed of their API is impressive.

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    Wish they would own up and make an announcement that Prosperent has shut their doors officially instead of forcing people to do experiments to find out all their effort in building sites is better spent elsewhere

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    Hey Acid, long time no spam I have no idea so far how VigLinks will perform in the long run, but so far their API is a pretty simple drop in replacement for the Prosp API and they do indeed have WAY more products to pull from. I'm seeing really good product matching for even the most bizarre long tail keywords

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