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    Thumbs up Product Link API is sent to wrong destination

    For example:
    adidas Adissage Womens Slides

    send to "adidas® Men's Ultimate Short-Sleeve Tee Shir"

    You can test and see all API links are sent to incorrect place...
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    Seems like this not working, I have the same problem. And since I am joined, no one answered me via chat in control panel, and no one fixed that problem. How to contact to support?

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    That product no longer exists on the stores website.

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    When a product does not exist in the store's website, the API will try to redirect to the closest matching item with the merchants that you are affiliated with.

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    So the API is out of date? Like, very out of date? Most links on a some pages are doing this.

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    So the API is out of date? Like, very out of date?
    Yes. And Yes.

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    I have the same issue, Prosperent redirects to totally unrelated product. See

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    So, are Prosperent going to fix api and make it working in real time? Or how can I select products by keyword?

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    You might be better off using VigLink, at this point. Prosperent seems to be pretty much an abandoned project from what I have seen over the last several months.

    Viglink has a much larger product inventory in their API and is updated much more frequently.

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    I have used VigLink but it was not much better, it looks like that the best will be to send traffic to Amazon

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