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    Angry Price on the Pureformula on Prosperent is lower than the manufacturer's price.

    Manufacturer is contacting us angry saying that their listed price is higher than what the same product is listed on prosperant. Need to help correct this asap or we will both be sued. I have emailed multiple prosperant people and have not received a response.

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    Assuming you are using the WP plugin, you can exclude this merchant from your website. The Prosperent API hasn't been updated in a while so the prices from the last update are showing and may be incorrect.

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    you should update the data regularly, that's your job !!

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    you should update the data regularly, that's your job !!
    First, I don’t work for Prosperent (or Viglink). Second, if you at all read these forums, you should be seeing the hints that you might want to look into the Viglink API.

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    The prosperent api is deprecated. Everyone should start using the VigLink API. We will be releasing a fully featured store product shortly.

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    Do you plan to support same features in VigLink API as are in Prosperent API?

    Can you also provide info how VigLink is working? I have 82 clicks, 35 actions, $0.91 revenue, does the action means commission? When I compare it with Prosperent, I had average commission $5.18 with Prosperent this year.

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    We call them actions at VigLink because we have both CPA and CPC offers. In fact, many of our merchants pay per click at VigLink. Features in the API are already similar. Next year we will be working on data quality and providing store plugins for most major platforms.

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