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    realy... realy... my october earning is no locked.....

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    Audrey Lin, all coupon sites are pretty much blocked from all networks because of TM violations.

    Checking into payments, we locked them late but they would have locked all the commissions that were payable prior to that. So I'm not sure what you mean Manto.

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    what i see is the locked commission is for dec earning, not include nov earning, cmiiw

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    Just received my payment via PayPal

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    i am still waiting for my two month payments which i still didn't received and i am tried to contact with your support please help me
    Aug 4, 2017 PayPal $531.46
    Jul 10, 2017 PayPal $1,170.23

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    still waiting for nov earning

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    Manto, those commissions were not closed/paid by the merchant/network yet. So that is why. We only pay out on the commissions that have been paid to us. I'm not sure why they didn't pay those ones but they paid some of your December earnings. Most likely they will close this next month, they can extend them out 60 extra days though.

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    Brandon please reply me i am also waiting for your reply from last two months

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