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    February payment locked

    But I see commissions from October 22 not being paid?!?!?!?

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    It depends on the merchant. If they pay those commissions, they get locked. If not they will be pushed back.

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    October 22, to now how much days? Net30,60,90,120?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brandon View Post
    It depends on the merchant. If they pay those commissions, they get locked. If not they will be pushed back.
    Summary: Not paid for, October and December. It seems that your click tracking doesn't work properly. EPC lowest ever

    I am not paid for earnings in october yet. Also I do not see that my payments are not locked which means that I probably won't be paid for the earning from december as well. This is all from one merchant. Could you please contact the merchant and ask them to pay the commision. So for the last 3 payments for earnings in octomber, november and december I got only payment from december.

    Also after January 25th or so, your tracking system doesn't work properly. I was getting around 10% of clicks of the total number of clicks I had untill around 18 february, after that clicks have imporved to 40% of the clicks I really had - but epc went down to 90% lower that in january.

    Also EPC was never this low, it is 65%+ lower than previous month, and this is likely the lowest EPC I ever had. I guess there is something really wrong.
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    Brian, since viglink acquired prosperent, I can't grab 1000 data again. I need your explanation, bro. Do you still care about us? or you do nothing because you got much money from viglink?

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    still waiting for my november earning

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    Personal attacks are rude and unnecessary. I didn't make any money from the sale....

    Publishers interested in using a product search feature should migrate to VigLink. We are winding down Prosperent products as stated in several threads.

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    Is there any easy way to convert existing prosperent links to viglink links? Or must they be regenerated through the viglink api?

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    When is Prosperent going to release March payment?

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    Hope you guys got your payments from those dates. Vigilink acquisition caused troubles here.

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