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    I showed me the next payment yesterday on the pannel but it does not appear now ...whats the issue...

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    How can a sale made at September still not locked?!?!

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    How can a sale made at September still not locked?!?!
    The merchant hasn't paid (refuses to pay or ceased operations) Prosperent.

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    My next payments change from 10 June to 10 July

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    still waiting after 4 months no payment send by the prosperent please Brian Clear the All Dues of my payments its a humble request.

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    Finally i received my payments. Thanks

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    I still have 356 usd to receive from sales made on october and november

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    As merchants pay us, we pay publishers. Any outstanding funds have not yet been paid to us. We had several merchants and networks disable affiliation for trademark bidding by coupon sites for example.

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    My site isnt a coupons site.

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    When will you pay the persons who get payment via Payoneer, I see the paypal guys got the payment but I am still waiting to be paid. Why this discrimination?

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