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    Showcasing price comparisons with facet data

    Our demo site The NetPool now demonstrates the proper use of the keyword facet as a means to provide price comparisons for products. here you can see that a product with a keyword facet count of 3 has 3 different retailers selling an identical item. This allows shoppers to decide which merchant to purchase from and gives consumers a valuable shopping tool when browsing your sites:

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    Me wants! /brain implosion
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    I'm trying to figure out how you guys chose the image? Since you have a 1 in 3 chance the image would be "Image Unavailable" one

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    We just pull the first one that comes back from the api.

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    I searched for a hard drive, came up with this:

    OEM Samsung LithiumIon Battery for Samsung Transform SPHM920 EB504465VA

    When I click on the Brand on the left hand side (showing 2), the API doesn't find it? Or is that a coding thing on the site's side?

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    Site side. We have an update coming that sends over the query type used for the facet calculation in the api result. Without knowing that, currently there can be some instances where the result set and some of the facets don't match. I'll give instructions when that update rolls out in the next couple days.

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    I noticed that if you search (the example I gave) you'll get 2 entries. When you enter into any one of them, you'll find the "Available at 2 stores" piece.

    Obviously the latter is due to the facets; Would the search results on similar items like that ever just show 1 product and force you to look at facets down the line for pricing if it has more than 1 product associated like that?

    I doubt you will, and I have yet to play around with my search code to perhaps fully implement consolidating items when searching if contained in facets yet. Just thinking/wondering out loud

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    No, the products have to be the same, not just similar.

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    I meant similar as in, products with exactly the same name (similar to my example: OEM Samsung LithiumIon Battery for Samsung Transform SPHM920 EB504465VA)

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