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    what time do commissions update now?

    as per title

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    At 10am MST. Brandon is doing them now from what I can tell. The data in the reports updates daily at 10 though. Doesn't matter what time imports are done, the indexes are always rotated at 10. It's on a cron.

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    Is an update coming soon? Seems none for last 48 hours.

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    Thanks for the heads up. They were imported, but hadn't been reflected in the commission endpoint. Taken care of.

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    looks good now - thanks!

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    Commissions were rocking on time but something seems to have happened. None today that I saw. Just figured I'd give you a heads up in case it was something where they were imported on your end but not showing to us.

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    I'll check it. I rotated the database servers last night, so that could be it. Sometimes we have to run an extra update when that happens.

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    Should be good now. Thanks for the heads up

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    i've been seeing a lot of problems with stats updates for the last few weeks now. for instance, today, dashboard stats are 2 days behind, in api reporting stats are 2 days behind, if i select a weekly range, again, 2 days behind but if i select the whole month stats are normal (1 day behind). fyi, as usual

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    It must be because of daylight savings. I'll adjust the cron jobs to run based on that. Let me know if it is an issue after that.

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