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    Heads up about traffic sources that we do not accept

    I received the following from our rep at one of the major networks. Wanted to pass this along. We will be actively monitoring for the use of the following traffic sources, and closing any accounts we see that violate our TOS.


    __________________________________________________ __________

    CJ publishers are not allowed to promote through these partners as they

    may violate one or more terms of the CJ Affiliate by Conversant Publisher

    Service Agreement and related policies:

    10/19/2015 –

    10/19/2015 -


    • AdFly


    • 215Apps (aka Savings Sidekick, CouponDropDown, Deals Plugin,

    DropInSavings , Giant Savings, SavingsApp, Coupon Companion, Vid-Saver, I

    Want This, Coupon Companion Plugin, Giant Savings Extension, Savings

    Explorer, Vid-Saver Extension, Solid Savings)



    • Boostsaves

    • Clicksor

    • ClixSense

    • CPX Interactive


    • DealPly


    • Don’t Pay Full

    • First Offerz

    • FutureAds

    • HD-Plus 3.5

    • iRobinHood


    • Lead Impact (aka Zango aka Kangobox, Lhoot, HotBar, AppKikx, MossySky,

    Lukylu, Seeqdo,

    • ClickPatato, HippoGeek, Snowflake)

    • MediaTraffic





    • PinBall Corp


    • ReMarkable


    • Savings Bull

    • Scorpion Saver app -

    • SiteScout


    • SuperFish – all software


    • Trafficvance aka FutureAds

    • ( EpicPlay, GameVance, PlaySushi, PlayPickle, LivingPlay, MightyMagoo,


    • Vomba Network (aka Vomba Savers/Vomba Shots)

    • WhenU

    • W4

    We will update the list as others are added in the future. Thanks everyone

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    Anybody using these Zango and the like are probably used to getting accounts banned anyway haha

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    We just got contacted by linkshare about someone potentially using one of these sources. Know that your account will be removed, and you permanently banned from our network WITHOUT payment. Take this as a warning to anyone else that decides to try to pull something shady in the future.

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    What about some other types of traffic? I'm not referring to ad networks but rather to stuff we create on our own.

    I'm thinking about links in emails to people on our lists, mobile apps, links in ebooks or pdfs, desktop apps, videos on sites like YouTube and I'm sure there are others I haven't thought of.

    What referrer would be passed from an email link or a pdf link that goes direct to Prosperent and not through our website?

    I ask because some merchants don't allow some or all of the above in their affiliate agreements (Amazon comes to mind).

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    Anything that the major networks and merchants don't allow will be the same for us. We, afterall work with the same merchants. These are pretty much universally accepted rules across most affiliate networks.

    Mobile apps and such are completely fine. That's exactly what the api is designed for. Build out some creative apps or sites and make some coin thinking outside the box.

    The basic rule of thumb around here is... Don't do anything shady. Other than that, be creative.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I wasn't referring to anything spammy or devious. I don't like those type of things and won't subject others to it just to make a dollar.

    Direct product links really don't make sense for products like these in ebooks or pdfs, but they came to mind as I was posting so I included them.

    When I mention links in an email, I was thinking about emails sent to subscribers that might link to a new product or a new coupon that would be of interest to the people on the list, not spamming. Amazon doesn't allow direct links in an email. If I remember correctly, you can't just redirect them either. You have to send them to your site and they have to click a link from there. I was wondering what your policy is.

    You say that mobile apps are OK, and that is good, but Amazon also doesn't allow you to link through mobile apps.

    I mntion Amazon only because I am more familiar with them. I haven't reviewed the CJ, LinkShare or Share-A-Sale acceptable use policies in quite some time so I don't recall offhand what they don't allow.

    I hoped you would have some specific guidelines on what is (or is not) acceptable when using Prosperent.

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    Sure, not a problem. I need to check the specifics of the amazon rule you talked about regarding mobile apps. I know of more than one large mobile app that has amazon links in it. Mobile apps for us are no different than desktop apps, so there are no issues there.

    As far as e-mail is concerned, as long as the can spam laws are followed, and a user actually clicks the link (is not forcefully redirected without clicking anything), we have no issue with it.

    Really, you just want to avoid forced clicks where the user hasn't made the decision to click on your url.

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    Thanks for the email clarification. Some folks do all kinds on things just to set a cookie. I don't. Nothing turns me away from a site quicker than getting pop-ups, redirects or getting sent somewhere I didn't intend to go. II will get off a list that sends emails too often or that are not relevant to the reason why I signed up to receive them.

    This post is a little long, but I wanted to document some of the Amazon requirements that are a little unusual, at least in my view. It is special requirements like these that led me to ask the question. Here are links to and extracts from some of them.

    Associates Program Participation Requirements

    This refers to email marketing:
    6. ... you will not engage in any promotional, marketing, or other advertising activities in any offline manner, including by using any of our or our affiliates’ trademarks or logos (including any Amazon Mark), any Content, or any Special Link in connection with an offline promotion or in any other offline manner (e.g., in any printed material, mailing, email or attachment to email, or other document, or any oral solicitation). ...
    This refers to mobile apps. It even suggests that mobile optimized sites or not allowed.
    7. You will not, without our express prior written approval, use any Content or Special Link, or otherwise link to the Amazon Site, on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device (which prohibition does not apply to any site that is not designed or intended for use with such devices but that may be accessible by such devices (e.g., on a non-mobile-optimized site via an internet browser on a tablet device)), or any television set-top box (e.g., digital video recorders, cable or satellite boxes, streaming video players, blu-ray players, or dvd players) or Internet-enabled television (e.g., GoogleTV, Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera Cast, or Vizio Internet Apps). Product Advertising API License Agreement
    Section 4.
    Again, no mobile apps.
    (e) You will not, without our express prior written approval, use any Product Advertising Content on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device, or any television set-top box (e.g., digital video recorders, cable or satellite boxes, streaming video players, blu-ray players, or dvd players) or Internet-enabled television (e.g., GoogleTV, Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera Cast, or Vizio Internet Apps).
    Almost no one follows this on their Amazon product listings. If you update less than hourly, you need a date (and maybe a time) stamp. Even fewer folks have or link to a price/availability disclaimer.
    (o) You will include a date/time stamp adjacent to your display of pricing or availability information on your application if you obtain Product Advertising Content from a Data Feed, or if you call the Product Advertising API or refresh the Product Advertising Content displayed on your application less frequently than hourly. However, during the same day on which you requested and refreshed the pricing and availability information displayed on your application, you may omit the date portion of the stamp. Examples of acceptable messaging include: Price: $32.77 (as of 01/07/2008 14:11 PST - Details) Price: $32.77 (as of 14:11 PST - More info)

    Additionally, you must either include the following disclaimer adjacent to the pricing or availability information or provide it via a hyperlink, popup box, scripted popup, or other similar method: "Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [ or, as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product." In the above examples, "Details" and "More info" would provide a method for the end user to read the disclaimer.

    Associates Program Linking Requirements

    Another requirement that is rarely followed talks about needing to display the lowest new and used prices when doing 'price comparison' type displays.

    Product prices and availability may vary from time to time. Because prices for and availability of Products that you have listed on your site may change, your site may only show prices and availability if: (a) we serve the link in which that price and availability data are displayed; or (b) you obtain Product pricing and availability data via the Product Advertising API and you comply with the requirements set forth in the License Agreement that are applicable to that data. In addition, if you choose to display prices for any Product on your site in any “comparison” format (including through the use of any price-comparison tool or engine) together with prices for the same or similar products offered through any web site or other means other than the Amazon Site, you must display both the lowest “new” price and, if we provide it to you, the lowest “used” price at which the Product is available on the Amazon Site. You may not otherwise include price information on your site.
    I don't go into black territory... I don't even intentionally go into gray areas. I don't do things without the customer requesting the action. I don't use techniques that irritate me when I visit a site. I want to follow guidelines even when they seem a little unusual. I don't want to put my work/income in jeopardy.

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    Updating the list of traffic sources we do not accept:

    Vomba Network, MediaTraffic, WhenU
    PinBall Corp, Lead Impact (Zango aka Kangobox, Lhoot, HotBar, AppKikx, MossySky, Lukylu, Seeqdo, ClickPatato, CheeryChicken, HippoGeek)
    FutureAds, Trafficvance (aka EpicPlay, GameVance, PlaySushi, PlayPickle, LivingPlay, Mightymagoo,
    Codec C
    DropInSavings (

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