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    I got this info through a friend who had CJ withhold thousands in commissions to him because he ran traffic from some of these CPV networks. (At that time they didn't have a policy against it but those rats at CJ still kept almost $10k in commissions from my friend.)

    This is what the rep said:

    The real reason CJ doesn't want traffic from CPV networks like directcpv, trafficvance, addon and mediatraffic, is not because of the quality of the traffic (the traffic quality can be great), it's because CPV traffic can come fast and furious and some merchants think it abnormally lowers the stats for the merchant conversion rate and EPC, and thus makes them less attractive to potential affiliates. They have no objection to making sales of course, but they care more about their stats in CJ apparently.

    CPV traffic has pretty much the same CTR (or better) as banner traffic on websites, so there's no logical reason for them to make this rule.

    But anyway, it is what it is. CJ is one of the shiftiest networks that I've ever worked with and they'll find a way to steal your commissions any way that they can. That's why I stopped working with them years ago. But prosperent surely has more pull with them than I do, so I'll give it a shot (I assume) by indirectly working with them through prosperent.

    BTW, for the record I'm not using any of those traffic sources for any of my sites that have prosperent on it. ;-)

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    Most merchants focus on the wrong things. We have had merchants drop us in the past because of our huge traffic volume. As you pointed out, they seem to be more concerned with their network stats than making money.

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    If a merchant is in one of the affiliate networks prosperent uses, are they automatically included? Say I had a store in shareashale, would my products automatically be picked up by you guys or is there some sort of opt-in process?

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    We don't work with share a sale, too flaky. We work with CJ, Linkshare, Pepperjam, Link Connector, Google Affiliate Network, and Affiliate Window. If you have a program with any of those networks, and you have a datafeed we can work with you.

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    Bump. We found a publisher using zango and will be terminating their account today. If anyone else is using these traffic sources, we will terminate your account as well.

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    Sorry, Zango. that's what I get for typing with a baby in my hands.

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    Hands down, the best name in the list is "ClickPatato"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaphod View Post
    Hands down, the best name in the list is "ClickPatato"
    From the miss-spelling of "potato" I thought it might be Dan Quayle's new company.

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