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    Tools, tools, and tools

    While part of team tackles our new reporting interface, the rest are working on new publisher tools. First up will be prosperent search plugins for popular cms and forum software. Our goal here is to make adding powerful product search to any site as easy as clicking a couple buttons. This opens the door to publishers that would otherwise be unable to use our api due to the learning curve.

    From there, we move into some other easy to use tools that again, should be something our users can easily integrate into any site out there with little more than some copy and paste work. Our api is quite powerful at this point, so now we are focused on bringing the power of Prosperent to the mainstream affiliates out there. Stay tuned

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    Something that would be click and play with Wordpress would be pretty damn sweet.

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    We're polishing up our vbulletin plugin based on feedback people are giving us, then we move into our wordpress plugin.

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    Development on our new stuff is coming along quite nicely. We have made some MAJOR advancements with our performance ads, and our top secret project. Turns out that one of our guys is quite the math nerd and has come up with some algorithm's that would make even google jealous.

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    Will what work in joomla? The new ads and such that we are working on? If that is the question, then yes, of course

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    We're getting close. The goal is to launch two of our new updates by April 2nd. There will also be quite a few api optimizations that roll out at the same time as a result of the new stuff.

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    Why no April 1?

    btw, in this update is also included the new report system?

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    Haha, we know how much of a mess the internet is on April 1st, so to avoid that, we chose the 2nd

    There will be a new reporting system launched along with the updates.

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