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    Your payments will be suspended...

    if ALL of the following apply to you:

    1. You file US taxes
    2. Prosperent paid you $600.00 or more in 2012
    3. You have not submitted a W-9 form to Prosperent

    It is now possible to submit your W-9 to us via the user interface. Go to My Account -> Tax Information and click on the Form W-9 link. If you did not make $600 or more, it is highly recommended that you still submit the form to us to prevent payments being suspended once you do reach that level. In the near future, we will probably require the form be filled out before any payments are ever made to publishers regardless of the dollar amount.

    For publishers that sent us a W-9 in a previous year:

    We have manually entered your information. However, it is required that you visit the form and submit your signature electronically. Also, please review the information and make updates as necessary.

    For non-US publishers:
    As a heads up, at some point during this year (2012), we will have forms that you will need to submit to us, such as Certification of No U.S. Activities, IRS Form 8233, IRS Form W-8, etc. We will keep you posted as to when those forms are live.

    Note: You may add https:// to the url when on the form page. We will have it redirecting to https shortly.

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    Hi! Could you make it easy for me, please? I am from the Philippines. Is it okay if you include in this site a waiver(?) form? I will simply be the one in-charge in paying my taxes here in our country. Thank you in advance for your reply.
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    Is the Form W-8 live online for Non-US publishers.

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    There will be an announcement when this is live and required for non u.s. publishers

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    I'm Non-US publishers, Where to send W-8?

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    No need to as of now. We only need the info for u.s based publishers.

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    If revenue. I will get paid right?
    in tab 'Tex Infomation' show 'You have not submitted your tax information'

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    As long as you live outside of he United States you will be paid.

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    Ok, Thank for ans.

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