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    Wrong API Error message?

    I'm busy testing my web app and have found productId 387f3a7e2592b313a09423ebdabd614c (which seems to be removed from the API after checking thenetpool, but cached as a "Recently Viewed Product" on my end) to generate this error:

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'No query/filters or extendedQuery were specified for the Prosperent API' in /var/www/html/_lib/Prosperent_Api.php:581
    I find this strange as I've been tearing my hair out for a while now trying to figure out why my code doesn't send through the right parameter, and eventually I saw that it DOES send it through, but Prosperent replies with that error message.

    Could you guys give me any feedback on this? Obviously I don't want to generate a 404 based on that query as sometimes it could happen that the code sucks and I forget to set the query/filter.

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    Never mind, I figured out it was my code. I pull related products from the keyword available in the data returned. The data doesn't return anything because the product has been removed, causing me to try and set a blank for the search term when doing a look-up for the related items to the product being displayed.

    In the end it WAS my code. Just looking at the wrong damn place

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    Seriously, "The village idiot" needs to be my new title

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    No, i'm glad you post things like this because i'm sure others will run into it at some point. Now they will have an explanation for why it happens

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